WooCommerce – Customizing Checkout Fields

Working on my latest project I’ve needed to add a new field to WooCommerce checkout, a “NIF” (Portuguese equivalent of VAT number) field, that isn’t available by default in WooCommerce checkout. Check this little snippet to know how to do it.

WordPress Talk

Experimenting with WordPress Multisite

Managing multiple WordPress powered websites The Problem In my current position the web team is in charge of the day to day maintenance of more than 20 WordPress websites. In order to facilitate this maintenance I’ve searched for a tool wich allow us to quickly update, install and uninstall plugins and WordPress core, this day […]

General Talk

Hello World

As the first post in my blog, I’m going to do something¬†completely¬†“new” introduce myself. A hello to you, probably one of the three people who’ll be reading this. So hi, my name is Ricardo I’m from Portugal and I’m a professional webdesigner and developer since 2007, and after so many years building my own cms […]