WooCommerce the best solution for eCommerce in 2020

In the past month the world has taken a turn due to Covid-19 and the actions taken to fight this pandemic. With social isolation, quarantine and all the brick and mortar stores with their doors closed we’ve seen a bigger rise in e-commerce sales across the world.  What has been a steady trend already is […]

WordPress Talk

What WordPress and a broken car have in common

A few years ago I was leaving my parents driveway in the morning, I get into my car, started it up and started turning the steering wheel when suddenly I heard a crack noise and lost the ability to turn the wheels. As my knowledge of car mechanics it’s almost inexistent and one of my father friends […]

WordPress Development

When WordPress caching system makes things slower

Last week has launch time for my/Samsys latest and last plugin, an internal messaging system for WordPress websites, developed to work together a custom WordPress product for Pre-schools. The plugin allows registered users to exchange messages between them using a front-end interface ( non-admin users) and a back-end interface on the wp-admin (users with administrative access). […]