WordPress Talk

Matosinhos WordPress Meetup

3 reasons for using WooCommerce

On Thursday, last week, I’ve attended the first of a monthly series of WordPress meetups in Porto, organized by the “Comunidade Portuguesa de WordPress” this series intends to bring more people to the community as it’s location will change inside the Porto district.

It couldn’t have started in a better way, Pedro Fonseca, Matosinhos resident and this session organizer, brought to us his presentation about e-commerce, in a consulting oriented presentation, Pedro shown us a variety of plugins available for this purpose and some of their key features.

Presentation available here (Portuguese Only)

This day had also the presence of an accountant and a lawyer to clarify any question about legal and tax issues which propelled us into a clarifying and very interesting discussion about these topics in internet business today.


From the plugins shown my favorite and go-to plugin for e-commerce is WooCommerce from WooThemes.


There are many reasons to my choice, and having worked and built websites in each one of them I can say that at least for me WooCommerce is by far the best one, why?

My 3 major reasons are:

  • Biggest community and free support,
  • Built using the same structure that WordPress itself uses (functions, naming, template system, etc.),
  • Available documentation and Github code repository.